welcome to Social Transformation Cell, ZP Palghar

Social transformation beyond corporate responsibility


We offer a single window system for guidance on CSR projects by identifying projects critical for the development of the district and sharing CSR best practices to drive meaningful positive change.


We provide a consolidated repository of CSR projects undergoing in the district to avoid duplication of efforts and evaluate the effectiveness of projects implemented by various agencies.


We act as a bridge between corporates, NGOs and industry associations to implement CSR efficiently and enable ample opportunities for efficient investment of CSR funds.

Fast Track

We expedite government clearances needed to initiate a CSR project as well as extend help in conceptualisation, proposal development and liaison with implementing agencies.


You can work in collaboration with the government, NGOs, experts in the field and citizens of the district, leading to a cumulative synergy and larger impact.

We wish to create a platform for collaboration with multiple stakeholders in District's development, a platform which will guide, compliment and equitably distribute incoming CSR/philanthropic activities in district"

-Sri Milind Borikar (IAS), CEO-ZP Palghar

District CSR Cell

Act as a single window system for guidance on CSR projects and all government clearances etc.

Dovetail corporate CSR efforts so that they synergise with existing government programmes

To Guide, Compliment and Equitabaly distribute incoming CSR activities in district

Avoid duplication of projects/ Development work.

Share best practices in Development work among CSR Units, NGOs and other stakeholders

Act as a hub and integrate projects by different CSR Units/NGOs/Academic institutions to create a consolidated large scale transformation with demonstrable results

Function as a bridge between Government and All other stakeholders. i.e. CSR Units, NGOs, Industry Associates and Academia

To be a platform for convergence between Government Departments, NGOs and CSR


Non-governmental organizations / CSR units/ academic institution are known to have fond difficulties in deal with government ‘Red Tape’ systems. Getting minor permission, data etc, has been time and energy consuming. There is little or no sync between Government departments and NGOs. Evident that government department work in their individual ‘silos’, the NGOs and other organizations working in development sector, also tend to work in their ‘silos’. Therefore, there becomes a massive communication gap between all these systems who are working towards common objective. Very often smaller organizations lack the expertise and experience in particular sector.

For larger organizations systematically understanding grassroots level situations for creating strategy of intervention becomes a challenge. Absence of any official platform to share the experiences, learnings, best practices, ground level challenges etc. makes situation critical. Existing government system is already over-burdened and hence it was felt necessary that to execute the function of Social Transformation, an independent ‘Cell’, directly supervised by CEO has to function. With this background, the chief executive officer of Zila Parishad Palghar, Maharashtra, Mr. Milind Borikar, conceived an idea of 'Social Transformation Cell'.

Benefit to Corporates

Focused utilization of CSR funds on priority areas.

Single platform for collaboration with government, NGO and domain expert, leading to synergistic effort and larger impact.

Hassel free, single point of communication with all line of authority in government.

Better visibility of the organization and reinforcement of the corporate image.

Benefit to NGOs

Learning Best practices from peers in district and other domain experts from outside district.

Opportunity for collaboration with CSR entities /academic institution for expansion of current work.

Techinical upgradation' through workshops/training for NGO heads.

Single point of contact for permission/information/ statistical data from government.

Benefit to Academia

Work with the District Government to identify and Tackle ‘On field’ challenges.

Test your Academic research ‘on field’ by collaborating with NGOs/ Local government bodies.

Internship Opportunities for students in understanding development challenges with Government departments, NGOs etc

Opportunity for Research funding from Government/CSR units/ NGO for sector-specific research work

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